Louviere + Vanessa Persistence of Vision

New Orleans based Jeff Louviere and Vanessa Brown have been collaborating artistically as Louviere + Vanessa since 1996. Bringing together Jeff's background in painting and printmaking and Vanessa's experience with photography, the husband and wife team take a multidisciplinary approach to making photographs and films. Their surreal images make reference to dreams, memories, and imagined narratives. They often scratch, bury or otherwise distress their negatives, subverting the photographic element of time. Louviere + Vanessa's work has been shown in over 50 shows and film festivals including the Postdam International Film Festival in Germany and the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

To see a selection of photographs and films, their website at: louviereandvanessa.com/

Right: Mr. Giggles Plays God, inkjet on gampi paper with blood and wax, 28 x 30 inches, 2008