Florence As It Was: The Digital Reconstruction of a Medieval City February 13 - March 22, 2024

Lecture and Reception

Tuesday, February 13, 5:30pm.

About The Exhibition

This exhibition presents the ongoing art historical project Florence As It Was, which aims to digitally reconstruct the Italian city the way it appeared at the end of the fifteenth century. Spear-headed by Washington and Lee's Sidney Gause Childress Professor in the Arts, George Bent, Florence As It Was combines three-dimensional point clouds of buildings, digitized documents, photogrammetric models of art works, translations of early modern descriptions, and original interpretative essays to create a historical representation of the city. Using virtual reality technology and computer stations, visitors to the exhibition will be able to explore 3D models of various architectural structures, view art works inside the buildings in which they were originally displayed and learn more about the Tuscan city as it existed over 500 years ago.

Visit the artist's website: https://florenceasitwas.wlu.edu