Poster Presentations Session #2

Environmental Capstone Presentations

Chloe Olsen '23, "Climate Change & Environmental Justice: A Case Study in Sápmi"

Jensen Rocha '23, "Nanoplastics: Plastidemic"

Cameron Blizard '23, "Solar Consulting Report for Rockbridge Farmers"

Carolyn Todd '23, "Greening and Marketing the Performance Material-Textile Supply Chain"

Christina Cavallo '23, "Energy-Creating Cardio Machines in the Washington and Lee Fitness Center"

Matt Majoy '23, "Policy Brief on Desertification in Kenya"

Mark Ozboyd '23, "Can Regenerative Farming Lead to Improved Crop Nutrients?"

Belen Delgado Mio '23, "Making Compost Accessible to Elementary Schools in Rockbridge"

James Eaton '23, "Land Usage in Shenandoah County - How Land has Changed Hands Over Time"

Tyler Bernard '23, "Wetland Invaders: A Gap Review of an Invasive Species"

Alli Enger '23, "Awareness of Fast Fashion"

Lauren Ellenz '23, "Historical and Ecological Narratives in Mitchell County, Kansas"

Emmie McElroy '23, "Eager Deceivers (working title)"

Tannor Harron '23 and Bailey Keel '23, "Cut Off: Assessing Stream Crossings as Barriers to Aquatic Organism Mobility in the Jennings Creek Watershed"

Sydney Goldstein '23, "Strategies for Sustainable Fisheries Management in Remote Amazonas"

Sarah Wittpenn '23 and Kyle Lutz '23, "Deriving meaning from ESG metrics"

Jake McCabe '23, Blake Cote '23, and Caroline Wise '23, "Evaluating Bikeable Infrastructure on the Washington and Lee Campus"

Sara Gaston '23, "Addictive Drugs and the Aquatic Environment"

Townsend Dotterer '23, "Connecting, Food, Environment, and Community in Lexington, Virginia"

Hannah Grace Galbreath '23, "The Nature of Sustainability in Post-Secondary Education"

Julienne de Vastey '23, "Climate Change and Infectious Disease"

Max Thomas '23, "Effects of Water Insecurity on Human Capital Outcomes amongst Juvenile SNAP Recipients"

Trent Mulligan '23, "Environmental Studies Capstone: A Climate Fiction Novel"

Madison Williams '23, "Environmental Gentrification and Public Green Spaces: Achievements of Equity or Perpetrators of Environmental Injustice?"

Nelle Alexander '23, Senior Capstone on Tidal Energy

Allie Stankewich '23, "An Environmental Justice Case Study of the Bujagali Dam, Uganda"