Poster Presenters Session #1

Caroline Holmes '25, Tade Omisore '25, Sierra Johnson '25, "Characterizing Interactions Between Flagelliform Silk, Aggregate Glues, and Cysteine-Rich Proteins on the Capture Spiral in Agriope argentata"

Lizzy Nguyen '25, Aishwarya Vemagiri '25, Haley Minnery '25, Oriana Gutierrez '24, Bami Getachew '23, "Diet-Induced Obesity's Connection to Cognitive Deficits in Learning and Impulsivity"

Maggie Johnston '23 and Dr. Ryan Brindle, "Sleep and Baroreflex"

Neissa Usanase '24, Jensen L. Rocha '23, Joseph Hanbich Lee '09, Hannah A. Spencer '23, Janeth A. Sandoval '22, Dr. Erin E. Gray, "Photocatalytic Synthesis of Quinazolinones from ɑ-Azido Amides"

Emily Sansbury '25 and Liv Ullmann '25, "Annotating Spidroins in the Black Widow Spider Genome"

Lauren Reese '23, "Baroreflex Habituation"

Sophie Roche '23, "ACEs and Reactivity: The Role of Anxiety"

Grace Williams '23, Jacob Cirrincoine '23, Manuela Zapata '24, Hannah Burke '25, "Effects of Obesity and Estrogen on TIDA Neuron Activity and Circulating Prolactin Levels"

Silvana Varela Benavides '23 and Dr. Ryan Brindle, "Adverse Childhood Events and Interoception"

Cooper Lazo '24, Maria Luzaran '23, Jamal Magoti '23, Tade Omisore '25, "Proteomics Suggest Pyriform Silk Anchors Orb Web Capture Spiral Junctions"

Mary Jane McConnell '23, "Status of Creaserinus Crayfish in Virginia: Conservation Genetics"

Louise Bynum '24 and Dr. Ryan Brindle, "The Interaction between Sleep and Interoception as Predictors of Anxiety and Depression"

Maria Luzaran '23, Cooper Lazo '24, Jamal Magoti '23, Tade Omisore '25, "Post-Translational Modifications of Spider Glue Proteins"

Jamal Magoti '23, "From Organs to Molecules: Validating the Preservation of Endogenous Fluorophores and Immunohistochemistry Compatibility of Tissues Cleared Using Fast 3D Clear"

Jack Maloy '23 and Jessie Ogden '23, "Field Verification of Bedding Orientations Derived from LiDAR Data"

Briteil Danipour '23, "Fishamble: A New Play Company in Dublin, Ireland"