"A Woman is Alive - An analysis of sex, gender, and power themes in Joanna Newsom's discography"

I would love to share a website about the musician Joanna Newsom that I created for a Classics class on Sex, Gender, and Power themes. Joanna Newsom is a harpist and an indie singer-songwriter who has an extremely unique musical style and voice.​ Her songs often explore complex themes about power and love and frequently make historical, cultural, and literary allusions. This digital humanities project is an attempt to analyze three of her songs, "Colleen", "Monkey and Bear", and "Divers" using motifs that are associated with her commentaries on sex, power, and gender. I attempted to curate a virtual museum that featured visual representations of the motifs with written analyses. I also used Voyant to analyze the most frequently seen words in some of her songs. would love to share this powerful music with others in the W&L community.


- Avani Kashyap '25