John F Cataldi Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

John F Cataldi
Curriculum Vitae

John F. Cataldi is a retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge from the Kansas City office. He has served in the US Navy (Reserve) and the US Army (Regular Army and Reserve). His government and military careers have taken him to conflict scenarios throughout the world.



June 2021, Northwestern University: Ph.D. in Sociology
2016, University of Chicago: M.A. in Social Sciences
2013, Loyola University, New Orleans: M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration
1983, United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point: B.S. 


My research interests lie in the sociological fields of Cultural Sociology, Conflict Studies, Symbolic Interactionism and Rural & Southern Studies.


  • SOAN 180: The Sociology of Conflict
  • SOAN 290: Introduction to Criminology

Selected Publications

  • Cataldi, John F. 2023. Practical Symbolic Interactions in the Shrine of the South: Conversations With a Damn Yankee. Washington D.C.: Lexington Books.
  • Cataldi, John (2019). "The Commons: Separating Tragedy & Triumph at a City Park." City & Community.