Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About SOAN

  • What is Sociology and Anthropology?
    Sociologists and Anthropologists study culture.
  • If I major, what kinds of jobs could I get?
    As a SOAN major, you will understand people's motivations, beliefs, and actions. This skill is essential for any job. Our majors have made successful careers in finance, law, marketing, industry, medicine, and academia.
  • What makes your classes so special?
    Our classes feature a free-form style of learning where students apply readings to real life situations. You can explore your own topics of interest.
  • How hard will it be to double major?
    EASY. We give elective credit for classes taken in other majors.
  • How useful will SOAN be to my other major?
    VERY USEFUL. When you work with peoples and cultures different from your own, you learn how to see the world from other perspectives. This ability can help you succeed in any major.
  • What financial support does SOAN Offer?
    Our department has two fellowships: The James G. Leyburn Scholars Program for Anthropology and the Emory Kimbrough Jr. Sociology fund. These funds have supported student conference attendance and research domestically and internationally.