Making a Report

Making a report is notifying the Title IX Coordinator of an incident of sexual misconduct. A report may be accompanied by a request for:

  • supportive measures,
  • informal resolution;
  • to initiate the investigation and hearing process; or
  • no further action.

At the time a report is made, you do not have to decide how to proceed. Deciding how to proceed can be a process that unfolds over time. The University provides support that can assist you in making these important decisions, and to the extent possible (based on the factors in the policy at Section IX), will respect an individual's autonomy in deciding how to proceed.

Alternatively, you can report in person, by telphone or by email to any of the following resources. No matter how you choose to report, your privacy will be respected.

  • Title IX Coordinator Lauren Commons 237
  • W&L Public Safety--540-458-8999 or LiveSafeApp--available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Assistant Title IX Coordinator for Employment Jodi of Human Resources, 2 South Main 109

Please know that:

  • W&L's sexual misconduct policy applies to everyone--students, faculty, staff, administrators, and campus visitors.
  • It's never too late to report.
  • Your information will be kept private. Only people who have a direct need to know in order to address and resolve the case or perform University responsibilities will have access to your information.
  • You are protected from retaliation.

What happens after a report of sexual misconduct?

The Title IX Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a meeting to discuss supportive measures and resolution options. For more information on supportive measures and the investigation and hearing process visit the FAQ page.

Reporting to Law Enforcement

We encourage you to pursue criminal action for incidents of sexual misconduct that may also be a crime. W&L Public Safety can assist in making a criminal report.

  • Lexington Police Department: 540-463-9177
  • Rockbridge County Sheriff's Office: 540-463-7328
  • Virginia State Police: 804-674-2000

Project Horizon can provide information about criminal reporting, investigations, as well as civil and criminal court proceedings. To speak with Project Horizon's legal advocate, call (540) 463-8761.