Françoise Fregnac-Clave Professor of French

Françoise Fregnac-Clave
Years of Service: 1996 - 2019


1971 Diplome HECJF Paris
1972 Licence d'anglais Paris X-Nanterre
1991 MA French Middlebury College Vt
1996 PhD French Literature and Language University Of North Carolina- Chapel Hill



* Aesthetics of the short story 
* Immigration and identity
* The occupation period in France (1940-44)



French contemporary literature (prose, short story, poetry); French civilization and culture with emphasis on the Occupation period and current issues; immigration.

Selected Publications

* "Les ‘violences urbaines' de novembre 2005 en région parisienne: fantasmes et réalités." French Exception/ L'exception française. Roger Célestin and Eliane DalMolin ed. Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: SITES 12:4 (Octobre 2008) : 429-436).
* " The Headscarf Affair (1989-2004)." The Veil in all its States, Fazia Aitel and Michel Valentin, ed. Missoula: University of Montana, 2008. 12-20.
* " Vichy France on Stage: The Polemic Use of Ancient Myths and Classic Tragedy." The Theater of Teaching and the Lessons of Theater. Ed. Domnica Radulescu and Maria Fox. Rowman and Littlefield, 2005.
* "Ligne de fuite: La Gloire des Rois de Saint-John Perse." The French Review, 76.2 (December 2002): 358-72. 
* "Les images celtiques dans une nouvelle de Julien Gracq, ‘Le roi Cophetua'." Dalhousie French Studies, vol. 58 (Spring 2002).