Jeff Barnett S. Blount Mason Jr. Professor of Spanish

Jeff Barnett

Tucker Hall, Room 304


Literary Translation; Latin American Narrative and Cultural Studies, with regional emphasis on Mexican, Central American, and Pan-Caribbean cultures
Cuban Literature and Film


Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Spanish-American Narrative: the Boom Generation
Spanish-American Civilization and Culture
Trans-American Literature in Translation
Beyond the Revolution: Artistic Expression in XXth Century Mexico
Workshop in Literary Translation


Selected Publications

Translation: The Miracle of St. Lazarus: A Mystery Twenty Years in the Making. A Novel by Uva de Aragón. Trans. by Kathleen D. Bulger-Barnett and Jeffrey C. Barnett. Mango Press, 2019.

Bilingual Edition: Flocks/Rebaños by Zurelys López Amaya. Trans. and Foreword Jeffrey C. Barnett. Chico: Cubanabooks. Forthcoming Winter 2017. Print.

Article: “Remembering Cuba’s Past / Discovering its Future: Giving Voice to Memory in Uva de Aragón’s The Memory of Silence.” International Journal of Cuban Studies. 8.1 (2016), 97-108. Print.

Short Story: “Antes de la Malinche.” Pluma. (Primavera, 2016), 7-12. Print.

Translation: Fuentes, Carlos. “Litany of the Orchid.” Trans. Jeffrey C. Barnett. Exchanges Literary Journal. U of Iowa, Fall / Winter, 2015. Web. Dec. 5, 2015

Article: “Impaled on an Orchid: Fuentes’ Panamanian Allegory.” Exchanges Literary Journal. U of Iowa, Fall / Winter, 2015. Web. Dec. 5, 2015

Reviews: Vital Signs, by Pedro de Jesús. Translated by Dick Cluster. And With a Strange Scent of World: Poems 1979-1999, by Victor Rodríguez Núñez. Translated by Katherine M. Hedeen. Translation Review. 91 (2015), 69-72. Print.

Bilingual Edition: The Memory of Silence. A Novel by Uva de Aragón. Trans. and Foreword Jeffrey C. Barnett. Chico:Cubanabooks, 2014.

Article: "So Which Way is Home?: Retracing Carpentier's Lost Steps with Xenophon's Anabasis." Cuaderno Internacional de Estudios Humanisticos y Literatura. Vol. XX (2013), pp.45-55.

Article: "El pasado secuestrado en Memorias de fuego por Eduardo Galeano." El Español: Integrador de Culturas. Eds. Jorge H. Valdivieso and Enrique Ruiz-Fornells. Turlock, California: Orbis Press, (2012), pp.51-58.

Article: "Vengeance is Mine: The Role of the Fantastic in Carlos Fuentes' Los días enmascarados." Short Story Criticism. Ed.Jelena O. Krstovic. Vol. 125 (2009), pp.68-73.

Article: "The Magical as Mundane in Barnet's Biography of a Runaway Slave." Negritud: Journal for Afro Caribbean-Afro Latin American Studies. Número 1 (noviembre 2007), pp.65-76.

Article: "Prospero's Orphans in Uva de Aragon's 'Not the Truth, Not a Lie.'" Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal. Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2007).