The Department of Romance Languages fosters an intellectual and vital interest in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish in accordance with the university’s general education emphasis on proficiency in a world language for all our students, and to promote a life-long exploration of the cultures reflected in these languages for professional, intellectual, and personal fulfillment. From beginning to advanced courses our curriculum emphasizes the study of language and linguistics within a variety of contexts and builds cultural competence through exposure to and examination of myriad cultural manifestations, including literary and non-literary texts, film, drama, music, poetry, our local community, communities abroad, their history and relevant forms of cultural expression.   

In conjunction with the broad liberal arts mission of the University, the Department of Romance Languages develops in students the skills of critical analysis, written and oral argument, and the ability to view their own culture more objectively through the critical lens of another. Through majors in French, Spanish, and Romance Languages, which may include Portuguese or Italian, and a minor in French, we prepare students for graduate study and for careers enriched by fluency in a second or third language.

The Student Learning Outcomes of the Department’s curriculum enable students to:

 For all our students:

·         Communicate in a Romance language in interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes;

·         attain intermediate levels of proficiency in reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and speaking, in accordance with ACTFL standards, upon completion of the FDR-FL;

·         examine the practices, perspectives, and products of other cultures.


For our majors and minors:

·         Attain advanced levels of proficiency in all four language skills in accordance with ACTFL standards;

·         explore and analyze an array of cultural production in the language(s) of study;

·         carry out critical investigation.