Study Italian and Portuguese and the Cultures of Italy and Brazil

Romance Languages include Italian and Portuguese, and we are pleased to be able to offer courses in these languages as well as in the cultures that speak them.  Current course offerings in Italian and Portuguese include a two-semester accelerated language course for students who have had at least two years of another Romance language in high school, typically French or Spanish, but also Latin.  These courses (ITAL 113/163 & PORT 113/163) meet five days a week for two terms and fulfill the Foreign Language FDR at Washington and Lee.  They also prepare students for advanced coursework in these languages.  In fall term we also offer Italian 261 and Portuguese 261, Advanced Conversation and Composition.  When student demand is sufficient, we plan to offer courses on topics of current interest in the cultures of Italy and Brazil.

Romance Languages is also affiliated with study abroad programs in Italy and Brazil, and our faculty are happy to meet with any interested students to discuss our course offerings, options for study abroad, and ways to include Italian and Portuguese in a Romance Languages major.

For more information on Italian, see Professors Patricia Hardin or Laurent Boetsch.  For more information on Portuguese, see Professor Cristina Pinto-Bailey.

For more information on Brazil, see this recent NYTimes article on Brazil's economy.