Guidelines for Assembling the Contents of a Tenure File in Digication

Core Information and Summary Material

  1. Table of Contents
  2. CV
  3. Committee Letter
  4. Candidate Response (if any)
  5. Confidential committee member letters
  6. Other faculty or colleague letters of support (if any)


  1. Statement on Teaching
  2. List of courses taught
  3. Lists of individually mentored students (theses, independent studies, advisees)
  4. Peer observation and evaluations
  5. Summary of student evaluations
  6. Current student letters of support
  7. Alumni student letters of support


  1. Statement of Reseach
  2. Confidential, formally solicited outside letters of evaluation by scholars in the discipline


  1. Statement of Service    
  2. Chronological list of committee assignments or other service responsibilities

Supporting Materials


  1. FARs - since hiring
  2. Annual departmental letters of evaluation for untenured faculty


  1. Individual files by course:  syllabus, sample assignments and tests, raw student evaluations    

Other Research:    

  1. Copies or off-prints of published or accepted work    
  2. Copies of work submitted but not yet accepted
  3. Copies of work-in-progress
  4. Texts of invited lectures or presentations
  5. Texts of other lectures, talks, or presentations
  6. Copies of grant proposals funded, not funded, or pending
  7. Other pieces of scholarship or creative work not in the above categories
  8. Reviews and citations


  1. Appropriate supporting documentation