Annual Timetable for Pacing the Process of File Preparation and Review Process Calendar for Tenure and Promotion Files

NOTE: "Recommended Dates" are strongly recommended to ensure sufficient time for each step in the review process. In particular, there must be adequate time for each member of a Tenure/Promotion committee to review the completed file with care, to submit her or his own letter, to review the file again with all the committee letters, and to meet and vote on the file. There also needs to be adequate time (1 week minimum) for a candidate to respond to the department report (if she/he chooses), and for the department to consider any such response. The "Recommended Dates" build in these sufficient time-spans.

ActionPerformed ByRecommended Dates
Dean shares tenure file calendar with next year's tenure candidates (and their department heads) Dean June 1
Dean notifies candidate of May 30 deadline for notice of reappointment/non-reappointment (AAUP guideline) Dean June 1
Dept. head notifies Dean of candidates for promotion Dept. Head Sept 1
Dept. head forms tenure/promotion committee
  • If < 5 with tenure and rank in department: Tenure Candidate and dept. head submit list to dean
  • If < 3 at rank in department: Promotion Candidate & dept. head submit list to dean
    • Dean chooses members to fill committee roster
Dept. Head Oct 1
Candidate submits file to committee chair Candidate Dec 1
Each member reviews file Committee Members Jan 15
Each member adds letter to file Committee Members Jan 15
Each member reviews file again Committee Members Jan 15-22
Committee meets and votes; a record of the tally is entered into the file Committee Jan 22
Department head prepares report and shares with committee and candidate Dept. Head Feb 1
Response from candidate, if any
  • If response, committee reviews it and reconsiders
Candidate Feb 8-15
File sent to dean Committee Feb 15
Inspect file and report for completeness Dean
May request additional information from dept. head
  • If dept. failed to follow procedures
    • refer back to dept. to remedy flaw
    • dept. head documents steps taken for remedy and basis for new vote
    • dept. head provides candidate with copy of report
File sent to Chair of Advisory (Provost)
  • Dean notifies Provost of any special circumstances or concerns
Dean March 8
Provost makes files available to Advisory Committee for review Provost March 10
Each member reviews every tenure and promotion file Advisory Committee
The committee meets and "Will offer the President its advice"
  • If Advisory vote is contrary to dept. vote
    • Provost explains to head and candidate
    • Candidate and President hold informal conference
Advisory Committee Two long mtgs during finals week
President informs Advisory if decision is contrary to majority vote of Advisory President May 1
President reports to Board of Trustees
  • tenure decisions require approval by Board
President May Meeting
Candidate has 30 days to petition FRC Candidate May 31