Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees (created by the Board)

The Rector of the Board of Trustees has invited the Faculty to participate in the board sessions and to serve as non-voting participants in all the activities of six standing committees, namely Campus Life, Capital Projects, Development and External Relations, Finance, Law and Undergraduate Academics and Admissions. The faculty will elect eight representatives, with each serving on two committees for a two-year term. A lapse of one year is required between elected terms. To assure representation by the three divisions, two representatives are elected from the Law School, two are elected from the Williams School, and four are elected from The College. Each of the three units should elect their representatives in the manner they deem appropriate. A "year" is defined as an academic year. Terms will normally begin with the October board meeting. The assignment of who serves on which committee, with the exception of the Law Committee, will be determined by discussions between the Rector and the elected members as to where their interests and expertise can best be used. The representatives will make written reports to the faculty after each board meeting, and a spokesperson selected by the group, will make an oral report at the undergraduate and law faculty meetings.

  • Robert Humston, The College, 2018-2020 (Capital Projects, Development)
  • Yanhong Zhu, The College 2018-2020 (Campus Life, Undergraduate Academics & Admission)
  • Robert Strong, Williams School, 2018-2020 (Capital Projects, Undergraduate Academics & Admission)
  • Joan (Shaun) Shaughnessy, Law School, 2018-2020 (Finance, Law School)
  • Matt Tuchler, The College, 2019-2021 (Development, Capital Projects)
  • Julie Woodzicka, The College, 2019-2021 (Undergraduate Academics and Admissions, Campus Life)
  • Andrew (Drew) Hess, Williams School, 2019-2021 (Investment, Finance)
  • John (J.D.) King, Law School, 2019-2021 (Law School, Finance)