University Safety

University Safety Committee is charged with providing a safe and secure living and working environment for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Washington and Lee University. The committee is chaired by the University's Director of Environmental Health and Safety, and acts in an advisory capacity to the University President. It is responsible to review, analyze, and plan for the implementation of safety and health policies and procedures to be recommended for adoption. Membership includes certain ex officio appointments, along with representatives of the faculty, clerical-support staff, and students. Other committee responsibilities include:

  • discussing and analyzing hazards identified by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety or submitted by members of the campus community and suggesting appropriate action to eliminate or minimize the hazards.
  • reviewing inspections of work areas and buildings, prioritizing safety discrepancies discovered, and recommending corrective measures.
  • reviewing all accident reports and selected accident investigations, analyzing the reports for trends, and formulating recommendations to eliminate or control specific problems.
  • encouraging feedback from all employees regarding safety, including soliciting possible solutions to identified hazards, ideas for better safety awareness and safer practices, and identification of possible safety hazards.
  • communicating safety policies, training programs, and other safety-related matters to employees.

The committee shall meet quarterly.

Paul Burns, Chair

Ex Officio Members:

  • Paul Burns, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Thomas Kalasky, Executive Director of Facilities Management
  • Ethan Kipnes, Director of Public Safety
  • John Lindberg, Assistant Director for Production, Lenfest Center for the Arts
  • Beth Lucy-Speidel, Associate Dean of The College
  • Mary Main, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Trenya Mason, Assistant Dean, Law Student Affairs
  • Christopher Reid, Director of Residence Life
  • Daniel Roland, Director of Facilities in Athletics
  • Jana Shearer, Associate General Counsel

Appointed Members (Two-year terms):

  • Jeff Schatten - 2021-2023
  • Owen Collins - 2020-2022

Student representative (One student, nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President):

  • William Dantini '24 - 2020-2021