Community Engagement and Service Learning Advisory Committee

The Community Engagement and Service Learning Advisory Committee (CESL Advisory) advises the university on community-engaged learning, coordinates the university's multiple programs and organizations involved in community-engaged learning, and reports to the Provost on these issues. It is chaired by the Director of Community-Based Learning and includes the following members: the Associate Provost, a representative from the Office of Student Affairs; a representative from the Office of Inclusion and Engagement; the Director of the Shepherd Program in Poverty and Human Capability Studies; five faculty, including one representative each from the Education Studies Program, the ESOL group, and the law school; two students; and up to four community partners. Duties of the CESL Advisory Committee include:

  • discussion and coordination of community-engaged learning initiatives, projects, and programs
  • outreach, expansion, and education about community-engaged learning
  • data collection and reporting
  • development and grant-writing efforts, and
  • advocacy on behalf of community-engaged learning as an academic resource within the university community

Sascha Goluboff, Chair

Ex Officio Members:

Howard Pickett, Director, Shepherd Program
Tamara Futrell, Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Engagement
Sascha Goluboff, Faculty Director of Community-Based Learning
Kelsey Goodwin, Director of Student Activities
Paul Youngman, Associate Provost

Five Faculty Members, alternating three-year appointments:

Stephanie Sandberg (2021-2024)
Sarah Blythe (2021-2024)
Matthew Boaz, Law School representative (2020-2023)
Michael Hill (2020-2023)
Haley Sigler, Education Studies representative (2020-2023)

Two Students, alternating two-year appointments:

Tanajia Moye-Green (2021-2023)
Emily Brookfield (2021-2023)

Up to four Community Partners, alternating two-year appointments:

Tammy Dunn, Lexington Office on Youth (2019-2021)
Rebecca Wilder, Virginia Cooperative Extension (2019-2021)

Campus-Wide Community Engagement Guidelines for 2020-21

As Washington and Lee University plans for a safe return to campus for the Fall Term, these guidelines serve to facilitate safe community engagement and engaged scholarship among students, faculty, staff, and community partners. These recommendations, created by the Community Engagement and Service Learning Committee and approved by the W&L COVID-19 Committee are aligned with the University's health and safety protocols to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus on campus and in the wider Lexington and Rockbridge County areas. Please note that these guidelines will be updated and changed if needed based on the most current public health guidance and Virginia regulations.

Principles of the Guidelines

  • Promote the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, staff, and community partners.
  • Provide clear and consistent policies that are easy to follow, effective, and align with current applicable public health guidance.
  • Promote and support positive outcomes for community partners and participants.
  • Promote and support a vibrant set of programs that contribute to the overall W&L student experience and provide learning experiences, advocacy, service, community building and leadership opportunities that are robust, diverse, engaging, and safe.

Guidelines for the Fall Semester

All W&L community engagement, service learning, and volunteer activities should be conducted virtually, except as necessary for the clinics at the law school to meet their professional, legal, and ethical obligations. This will limit exposure for our students, faculty, community partners, and the larger Lexington/Rockbridge County population.

In instances where virtual engagement is not possible, faculty and on-campus organizations can appeal to the CESL Committee for a term or the academic year and describe how physical distancing practices will be maintained. Off-campus organizations should also submit a waiver if they are recruiting volunteers from a particular campus group(s)/program(s) this year. The CESL Committee will review these requests by assessing how essential the proposed activities are. W&L strongly encourages virtual volunteering. However, if a student is interested in doing in-person volunteering on an independent basis (ie, without W&L group affiliation), the hosting organization should collect and archive signed Volunteer Acknowledgement and Agreement Forms from every student who participates in in-person activities with their organization for the duration of the pandemic.

Waiver Request Forms

The purpose of these forms is to collect a statement of compliance with state and local orders for physical distancing from anyone hosting W&L students for in-person community engagement activities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. 

On-Campus Organizations and Programs, Click Here To Submit a COVID Waiver Request.

Off-Campus Organizations and Programs, Click Here To Submit a COVID Waiver Request.

Faculty teaching CBL courses, Click Here To Submit a COVID Waiver Request.