Community Engagement and Service Learning Advisory Committee

Community Engagement and Service Learning Advisory Committee (CESL Advisory) advises the university on community-based learning, coordinates the university's multiple programs and organizations involved in community-based learning, and reports to the Provost on these issues. It is chaired by the Director of Community-Based Learning and includes the following members: the Associate Provost, the Director of the Shepherd Program in Poverty and Human Capability Studies and the Shepherd staff responsible for co-curricular service, community-based learning, community-based research, student service leadership and research, and service learning; a representative from the Office of Student Affairs; six faculty, including one representative each from the Teacher's Education Program, the ESOL group, and the law school; three students; and up to four community partners. Duties of the CESL Advisory Committee include:

  • discussion and coordination of community-based learning initiatives, projects, and programs
  • outreach, expansion, and education about community-based learning
  • data collection and reporting
  • development and grant-writing efforts, and
  • advocacy on behalf of community-based learning as an academic resource within the university community.

Tammi Hellwig, Chair

Ex Officio Members:

  • Marisa Charley, Assistant Director, Shepherd Program, and Director of the Bonner Scholars Program
  • Jennifer Davidson, Assistant Director, Shepherd Program
  • Alessandra Dickovick, Assistant Director of Community-Based Learning
  • Francile Elrod, Associate Director, Shepherd Program
  • Ryan Brink, Campus Kitchen Coordinator
  • Tammi Hellwig, Director of Community-Based Learning
  • Kimberly Hodge, Director of Sustainability Initiatives and Education (representative from the Office of Student Affairs)
  • Emily Kohl,  Coordinator of Community-Based Learning
  • Howard Pickett, Director, Shepherd Program
  • Paul Youngman, Associate Provost
  • Amy Jarrett, Administrative Assistant, Mudd Center and OCBL
  • Brenna Walsh, AmeriCorps VISTA member, OCBL

Six Faculty Members, alternating three-year appointments:

  • David Baluarte - 2017-2020
  • Michael Hill - 2019-20 (replacing Chris Gavaler while on leave - 2019-2020)
  • Eric Moffa Fall 2019 (replacing Haley Sigler while on leave - 2017-2020)
  • Rebecca Harris - 2018-2021
  • Seth Michelson (ESOL) - 2018-2021
  • Katie Shester - 2017-2020

Three Students, alternating two-year appointments

  • Lily Mott - 2019-2021
  • Katherine Ho - 2019-2021
  • Catherine Xia - 2019-2021
  • Jennifer (Jenny) Sobkowiak '21 - 2018-2020

Two, three, or four Community Partners, alternating two-year appointments

  • Rebecca Wilder, Virginia Cooperative Extension - 2019-2021
  • Tammy Dunn, Lexington Office on Youth - 2019-2021
  • Kaitlyn Kaufman, Project Horizon - 2019-2020 (replacing Leyna Hansley - 2018-2020)