Activism and Black Life: A Yearlong Series

"Activism and Black Life" is a yearlong series sponsored by W&L's Africana Studies program. The series includes participants from multiple disciplines and various academic and civic institutions and explores how the struggle for freedom shapes black identity. Events include lectures, panels, roundtables, debates, and the Looking at Blackness (LAB) initiative, which features film screenings and listening sessions. The series shows the complex legacies that created our current racial reality and, by studying the intersection between then and now, equips our community to chart a productive path forward. It is supported by the Rupert H. Johnson Jr. Program in Leadership and Integrity.

General Education Development

The charge of the General Education Development Committee (GEDC) will be to facilitate a conversation about changes to the Foundation and Distribution Requirements (FDR).

First-Year Reading and Community Discussion

The summer before first-year students arrive to W&L, they receive a common reading assignment that welcomes them into their new community of learners. Faculty and staff across campus join students in this conversation by leading small, book club style discussion sessions during orientation week. In 2021, we read "A Lesson Before Dying" (vintage, 1994) by Ernest J. Gaines. Stay tuned for the 2022 reading selection.