AIM Program (Advanced Immersion and Mentoring)

The mission of the Advanced Immersion and Mentoring (AIM) initiative is to instill within incoming first-year students an increased sense of confidence and belonging. As Washington and Lee furthers its ongoing commitment to a diverse and inclusive community, the development of AIM as our Quality Enhancement Plan will provide meaningful support and foster connections for talented students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

The AIM initiative will engage students, faculty and staff on the undergraduate campus in a three-tiered approach. One objective is the AIM Scholars Summer Program, being modeled after the former Advanced Research Cohort (ARC) Program for STEM fields with the goal of providing immersive academic opportunities across the liberal arts to empower a broad group of incoming first years (AIM Scholars) from varied backgrounds.

The video below shows the ARC program, the predecessor of the AIM program and highlights students participating in lab research.

The 2020 Advanced Immersion and Mentoring Program

As we continue to prioritize health and safety guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to deliver a modified version of the 2020 AIM Scholars Summer Program via virtual instruction over the course of one week this summer.

We will run the adjusted schedule from Monday, July 13 to Friday, July 17 and intend to host a variety of sessions to address academic opportunities and resources, exercises in leadership development, and tips and tools for one’s overall sense of belonging and wellbeing at W&L.

Sessions will be a mix of facilitated activities and conversation, panels, and coffee/lunch chats – each prompting you to reflect and engage in self-discovery. Some highlights include:

  • Exercises in leadership development
  • Faculty-led sessions regarding academic opportunities in the liberal arts
  • Introductions to the Career and Professional Development Office, student leaders, and an overview of how to access and utilize support resources (academic and otherwise)
  • Student-led discussions and community buildingMeet and greet sessions with deans and directors across student life

We invite you to consider this abbreviated offering of our AIM Scholars Summer Program and are asking that you express an interest by Monday, April 27. Our summer leadership team will be reviewing interest forms in early May and will confirm participation soon after.

For those selected, you will be expected to fully engage with this virtual summer series (which includes a stipend of $400) and commit to enrolling in FYE 100 for the fall-term of your first-year. You will also be encouraged to engage in opportunities that introduce you to former AIM scholars during your first-year and leadership paths during the years to follow. These follow-up requirements are rooted in the importance of growing and supporting our AIM community.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The photos above show the ARC program, the predecessor of the new AIM program and highlight students participating in lab research.