Lenfest Faculty Research Colloquium

The Lenfest Faculty Research Colloquium (formerly known as the Lenfest University-Wide Colloquium) is a venue for faculty members to share research undertaken with the support of summer and full-year Lenfest Grants. An initiative of the Provost's Office, the colloquium meets monthly when classes are in session.*

The next session is Monday, April 4, 2022 from 12:15 - 1:15 pm in CGL 123. Luncheon will be served.

In each colloquium, participating faculty members share an overview or excerpt of their Lenfest-funded research. In addition to enabling faculty to contextualize their research within larger projects and disciplinary (or interdisciplinary) trends, the colloquia provide opportunities for the wider university community to discuss, collaborate, and inform faculty research.

The format of each colloquium typically accommodates 3 faculty speakers per meeting, with each speaker allotted approximately 10-15 minutes to present. The remaining time is reserved for Q&A and discussion.

The primary audience for the colloquium is the faculty as a whole, but any members of the university community (with a valid @wlu.edu email account) are welcome to attend. Register here for a Zoom link: go.wlu.edu/lenfestcolloquium.

Faculty members** who are interested in presenting are invited to contact Caleb Dance.

* Scheduling varies with the availability of presenters, but the colloquium typically meets during lunchtime hours on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month.

** Faculty members who present at the Lenfest Colloquium can submit a one-paragraph summary of the work accomplished and any relevant budgetary accounting in lieu of the full report.