Museums Advisory Committee

Museums Advisory Committee is typically composed of the Director of the Museums, the Associate Director of the Museums, the Curator of the Reeves Collection, a faculty representative from the Department of Art and Art History, and other appropriate members designated by the Provost, which may include the Dean of The College (or designee), the Vice President for University Advancement (or designee), representatives from both Law and the Undergraduate Libraries, and other faculty representatives as required from relevant disciplines. Duties include:

  • Assist with oversight of the mission and scope of collections
  • Recommend policy and practice for collections development and collection management.
  • Review objects proposed for acquisition and make recommendations regarding acceptance and disposition.
  • Review all objects recommended for deaccession and formally recommend deaccessions to the Provost or President for final approval, as directed in the Collections Policy.
  • Review proposed incoming and outgoing loans
  • Advise on educational programming
  • Advocate on behalf of the Museums as an academic resource within the university community.

Elizabeth Teaff, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Thomas Camden, Head of Special Collections, University Library
Isra El-Bashir, Director of the Museums
Genelle Gertz, Associate Dean of Strategic Iniatives
Ronald Fuchs, Curator, Reeves Collection
Patricia Hobbs, Associate Director, University Collections of Art and History
Nancy McIntyre, Senior Director of Development (for The College)
Lynn Rainville, Executive Director of Institutional History and the Museums

Members, alternating three-year appointments:
Sarah Horowitz - 2021-2024
Sandy de Lissovoy - 2021-2024
Janet Ikeda Yuba - 2021-2024
Mackenzie Brooks - 2020-2023
Lawrence Hurd - 2020-2023