COVID-19 Tenure clock adjustment

In April 2020, the faculty approved an adjustment in tenure clock policy due to COVID-19. Specifically,


For junior faculty currently on the tenure clock, they may elect to postpone their tenure decision year by one calendar year if they choose. They need only to notify their department head and dean of this decision no later than June 30 in the year prior to their current tenure decision year.

  • This policy applies to tenure-track faculty employed by Washington and Lee University in April 2020, as well as those hired through July 2020.
  • The first pre-tenure review will remain in the second year of tenure-track employment.
  • Candidates may choose to invoke this option prior to the year in which they are scheduled for their second pre-tenure review. They may delay the second pre-tenure review or proceed with it as originally scheduled. 
  • Once faculty inform their department/program head and dean of their decision to invoke the one-year extension, this decision is irreversible. 


Approved by the Advisory Committee: June 2020