American Shakespeare Center Consortium Task Force

The ASC (American Shakespeare Center) Consortium Task Force will organize, plan, and execute the annual events and programming that W&L's consortium alliance with the ASC makes possible. The task force will work in conjunction with existing W&L offices such as communications, Lenfest Center, and the Provost's office to make the consortium benefits and opportunities available to the full W&L community.


Jemma Levy, Associate Professor of Theater (sabbatical)

Genelle Gertz, Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Thomas H. Broadus Professor of English

Six faculty members, serving three year terms
Molly Michelmore, Professor of History, Department Head  2019 - 2022
Shawn Paul Evans, Professor of Theater   2019 - 2022
Caleb Dance, Associate Professor of Classics  2019 - 2022
Holly Pickett, Associate Professor of English  2019 - 2022
Brian Alexander, Assistant Professor of Politics  2019 - 2023
Genelle Gertz, Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Professor of English  2019 - 2024