Health Professions (advisory)

The members of the Health Professions Advisory Committee are faculty who advise students on the academic path and extracurricular activities which will provide the foundation for a career in the health professions. In addition to advising students on course selection, major and minor selection, volunteer and shadowing activities, and scheduling of the standardized tests for their programs, these faculty members also act as informal mentors. The Coordinator takes the lead in providing students with mock interviews, seminars with admissions deans and directors, and advice on writing their personal statements for the professional school application. The Coordinator also assembles and delivers letters of evaluation for students, generates an annual report of graduate outcomes for the Provost, and attends regional and national meetings for professional development.

Lisa Alty, Chair

  • Lisa Alty, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Sarah Blythe, Biology
  • Paul Cabe, Biology
  • Matthew Tuchler, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Erich Uffelman, Chemistry and Biochemistry