University Sustainability

Reporting to the treasurer and vice-president for finance and administration who acts as a liaison to the president and the cabinet, the University Sustainability Committee advises on matters related to the sustainability efforts of Washington and Lee. The committee will report to the President of the University and will periodically report to the President's Council. The committee may establish task forces or subcommittees on specific topics or issues to report directly to the committee. Financial support for programs developed by the committee or for the committee's operations will be determined on an annual basis and within the University's regular budgeting process.

Additional information about current USC projects can be found here.

Specifically, the committee will:

  • facilitate University-wide initiatives and policy toward achieving the goals of the Talloires Declaration and President's Climate Commitment;
  • in conjunction with the Offices of Sustainability and Energy Education, review annual greenhouse gas reports and Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) submissions to identify opportunities for committee support as indicated by data;
  • in consultation with the Director of Sustainability, annually identify and recommend to the President key programs and priorities for the year, including a budget request to support committee programming;
  • serve as a clearinghouse for campus sustainability efforts through the provision of support for curricular and co-curricular efforts, including prioritizing needs and funding for programs that support the goals of the strategic plan;
  • advance appropriate University-wide communications about campus sustainability efforts;
  • coordinate campus efforts with the efforts of municipal organizations and the surrounding community; and
  • provide the President with an annual report that outlines the work of the committee and progress toward meeting the goals of the Talloires Declaration and President's Climate Commitment.

Appointments to the University Sustainability Committee include:

  • Six three-year faculty appointments representing the College, Williams School and the School of Law
  • Two three-year staff appointments
  • One one-year Law student appointment
  • One one-year undergraduate student appointment

Ex Officio Membership to include representatives from:

(as designated by Dean or Department Head)

  • Office of the President
  • Office of Sustainability and Energy Education
  • University Facilities
  • Office of Communications and Public Affairs
  • Offices of the Deans - representation to rotate between the College, Williams School and School of Law in two-year terms

  • A special Key Initiative two-year appointment may be made when the committee agenda requires ex officio engagement from a specific area of oversight

Current Appointments

Megan Hess and Jane Stewart, Co-Chairs

Ex Officio Appointments

  • Office of the President: Jessica Willett, Vice President for Communications and Strategic Initiatives
  • University Facilities: Tom Kalasky, Executive Director of Facilities, Brendan Perry, University Engineer
  • Offices of Sustainability and Energy Education: Nicole Poulin, Campus Garden Manager
  • Office of Communications and Public Affairs - TBD
  • Office of the Dean of the Law School - Erica Ingersoll, proxy
  • Key Initiative Appointment

Three-year faculty appointments:

  • Alice Tianbo Zhang - 2021-2024
  • Megan Hess - 2021-2024
  • Beth Staples - 2023-2025
  • Margaret Anne Hinkle - 2023-2026
  • Christopher Brown - 2023-2026

Three-year staff appointments:

  • Kim Hodge - 2023-2026
  • K.C. Schaefer - 2022-2025

Student members nominated by the EC and approved by the president:

  • TBD
  • TBD