University Board of Appeals (faculty)

University Board of Appeals (UBA) is chaired by the Dean of Students and hears all appeals from the student conduct process filed by individuals, groups, or the University Official, with the exception of appeals from the Executive Committee of the Student Body. Two Undergraduate Faculty and two Law Faculty are elected for two-year terms, from among those not on the Student Affairs Committee, with initial faculty appointments staggered to assure that no more than one of each will rotate off in a particular year. Alternate members for University Board of Appeals shall be elected at the same time as members are elected. There shall be two alternates, decided as the first runners-up in the election of members, one from the undergraduate faculty and one from the law faculty. Alternates will serve in the event a board member needs to resign or recuse, or cannot participate in a hearing due to unforeseen circumstances. Six student representatives (one undergraduate junior, two undergraduate seniors, one second-year law, two third-year law) are appointed by the Executive Committee of the Student Body each year for a one-year term.

The Student Affairs site for the board is at

Sidney Evans, Chair

Ex Officio Member:

  • Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Four Faculty representatives - Elected annually for two-year terms:

  • Dayo Abah - 2023-2025
  • Brian Alexander - 2023-2025
  • Tim MacDonnell (LS) - 2023-2025
  • Karen Woody (LS) - 2023-2025

Two Faculty alternates - Elected for two-year terms:

  • Katie Shester - 2023-2025
  • Russ Miller (LS) - 2023-2025

Undergraduate Student representatives - Appointed annually for a one-year term:

  • Mark Waller '24
  • Coleman Bryars '25
  • William Dantini '24

Law Student representatives - Appointed annually for a one-year term:

  • Ana Laura Coria '25L
  • Miller Sullivan '24L
  • Lillian Weitz '24L