University Assurance of Learning Committee

The University Assurance of Learning Committee (UALC) leads the development and implementation of comprehensive university-wide assurance-of-learning initiatives. Specifically, the committee will accomplish the following:

  • lead assurance of learning efforts of the general education program in its current and future forms;
  • advance a coherent process to ensure and enhance student learning university-wide;
  • promote the development of meaningful assurance of learning plans and strategies for academic departments, programs, and general education;
  • review assessment information and make recommendations that inform decision-making about W&L's curriculum and programs; and
  • monitor assessment findings and ensure their use to improve student learning at the university and program level.

Members include the Director of the Harte Center for Teaching and Learning, the University Assessment Strategist, and faculty representatives from the College, the Williams School, and the Law School.


Paige Gance, Assistant Director of Assessment Strategy

Ex Officio members

J.T. Torres, Director, Harte Center for Teaching and Learning

Appointed members

Eric Moffa - 2019-2026
Yanhong Zhu - 2019-2024
Sarah Blythe - 2021-2024
Kyle Friend - 2022-2025
Michael Berlin - 2022-2025
Linda Hooks - 2022-2025
Tim MacDonnell - 2022-2025
James Broda - 2022-2025
Matt Lin - 2022-2026