Intellectual Property Review

Intellectual Property Review Committee advises the Provost and various offices on issues related to intellectual property and serves as an oversight and education/resource committee to the university on intellectual-property issues. The committee reviews intellectual-property matters relative to W&L's intellectual-property policy and serves as a decision-making body in the case of any dispute relating to intellectual-property policy. The committee consists of seven members, including the General Counsel, the University Librarian, and representatives of the law school, the arts, and the sciences, for five-year terms.

K.T. Vaughan, Chair

Ex Officio Member:

  • K.T. Vaughan, University Librarian

Five Appointed Faculty Members - 5-year terms:

  • Brian Alexander, Politics - 2019-2024
  • Michelle Cosby, Law School - 2022-2024
  • Stuart Gray, Politics - 2020-2025
  • Elizabeth Teaff, University Library - 2020-2025
  • Nathan Bowden, Business Administration - 2022-2027

Consulting from the General Counsel's Office:

Maria Feeley, General Counsel