Information Security

Information Security Program Committee is charged with overseeing the security of the University's non-public information (including information that is designated as confidential and/or sensitive either by applicable law, by University policy, or by the Committee) through development and implementation of an overall Information Security Program ("Program"). This Program includes, but is not limited in scope to, the Financial Information Security Program previously adopted in response to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 2003 ("GLBA"). In accordance with the GLBA, the Program will be subject to periodic review and adjustment by the Committee to assure ongoing compliance with the GLBA and the Federal Trade Commission Safeguards Rule, and other existing and future laws and regulations, as well as to evaluate consistency with other University policies and practices.

The Committee reports to the Provost and includes an individual from each of the following offices and departments whose operations are likely to be most significantly affected by the Program: Business, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Law School Records, Law School Technology, Student Affairs, University Advancement, University Registrar, and University Treasurer. The Information Security Officer is also a member of the committee. The Provost may add representatives from other offices and departments as s/he deems appropriate.

The Provost designates the Information Security Program Coordinator, who serves as the chair of the Committee. The Office of General Counsel works closely with the Coordinator and the Committee and serves as a resource on all elements of the Information Security Program.

TBD, Information Security Program Coordinator and Chair

  • Kimberly Austin, Assistant Director of Operations, Human Resources
  • TBD, representative of the Business Office
  • Melissa Neal, University Registrar
  • Joshua Fairfield, Professor of Law
  • Carin (Cassie) Hunt, Executive Director of Strategic Analysis
  • James Kaster, Director of Financial Aid
  • David Leonard, Dean of Student Life
  • Steven McAllister, VP for Finance and Administration/University Treasurer
  • David Saacke, Chief Technology Officer
  • Dean Tallman, Information Security Officer and Enterprise Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Consulting from the General Counsel's Office:

  • Maria Feeley, General Counsel
  • DaQuana Carter, Associate General Counsel