Administrative Resources


A complete list of all university committees, including Board, Faculty, Administrative, Academic/Advisory, and ad hoc committees. The committee charges, descriptions, memberships, and past histories are also included.

Faculty Activity Reports

Annual Faculty Activity Report are due to your Dean annually. Templates for this can be found here.

Faculty Handbook

The Handbook contains vital information on such topics as faculty appointments, academic freedom, tenure and promotion, retirement policy, university governance, and much more. It is available online and may be downloaded or printed. Both the March 2017 and the April 2015 Handbooks are also available. The 2015 Handbook only applies to faculty hired prior to 1 July 2017. The 2017 Handbook language for tenure and promotion remains the same in the handbooks after that year and should be followed by faculty beginning employment July 2017 or after. (Note: faculty hired before 2017 who are seeking tenure and/or promotion have the option to select either Handbook’s procedures, but must indicate their choice to their Dean when they declare their intention to seek tenure and promotion.)

Phased Retirement Plan

The Phased Retirement Program (PRP) allows a Faculty member to retire at or before the age of 70 by means of a gradual transition from full-time teaching to full retirement. The PRP was revised in September 2022.