Intro Physics Teaching Assistant

Gain teaching experience! Reinforce your lab skills! Earn real money!

Physics, Engineering, and Integrated Engineering majors (or sophomores by invitation who intend to major) who meet the minimum requirements (listed below) can apply to become a lab teaching assistant for the Introductory Physics labs.  Recruitment for the following academic year occurs annually each May.  At that time, interested students are encouraged to contact Professor Tom McClain directly to get the job description and job application.

TA Responsibilities

  • Help students design and carry out experiments.
  • Help troubleshoot set-ups and lab manual while preparing for lab each week.
  • 5-8 hours per week

TA Applicant Requirements

Students must be a declared major in Physics, Engineering, or Integrated Engineering and have taken both:

  • PHYS 113 - General Physics Laboratory I
  • PHYS 114 - General Physics Laboratory II

Scheduling Requirements

Each TA will be assigned to one lab section.

Prep time meetings will be two hours each week, whenever all TA's can meet together.

Attendance every week at your assigned section and the prep time meeting is required.