Sophomore Award

The Sophomore Award indicates recognition by the faculty for outstanding work in the department and related coursework.

2019 Lauren Kaplinsky, Nolan Zunk & Emma Aldrich
2018 Laura Bruce and Stevan Kriss
2017 Ryder Babik and Kirsten McMichael
2016 Matthew Lubas and Eleni Timas
2015  Mauricio Bustamante and Stephanie Fouts
2014  Joy Putney and Xiaoxiang Yang
2013  Cort Hammond
2012  Jordan Kearns and Andrew Seredinski
2011  Elizabeth Engel
2010  Camille Cobb
2009  Esther Schewel and Kyle Parsons
2008  Joseph McDonald
2007  Julie Mancini and Malek Abu Alhaj
2006  Jameson Graber
2005  Derek J. Kosciolek
2004  Adam B. Jarczyk
2003  Rachel Elizabeth Chisolm and Walter Jordan Hoyt Jr.
2002  Kemal Levi
2001  Dustin Albright and Christopher Chance Moreland
2000  Daniel Martin Schreeder and John Aubrey Creek
1999  Bryant Edward Adams
1998  None
1997  None
1996  None
1995  Torsten Frederic Chase and Nathan Edward Hottle
1994  Laura Elaine Howell and Griffith Blocker Russell
1993  Jennifer Ann Yanulavich