Robert E. Akins Engineering Prize

Established in 2005 by the family of Robert Akins, this prize is awarded to the student best exemplifying academic excellence, a socially responsible commitment to the greater community, and an enthusiasm for the study of engineering. Bob Akins was Professor of Engineering at Washington and Lee University from 1984-2004.

2019 Ryder Babik
2018 Angel Vela de la Garza Evia
2017 Matt Lubas
2016 Timothy R. Holder
2015  Cort Hammond
2014  Thomas Bowen
2013  Lizzie Engel
2012  Franco Moiso Marin
2011  Dana Fredericks
2010  John R. Pflug
2009  Malek Abu Alhaj
2008  Taylor McLachlan
2007  Raymond W. Sweeney IV
2006  John Bannon Thorpe II
2005  Seth Edgar Jones