First-Year Award

The First-Year Award indicates recognition by the faculty for outstanding work in the department and related coursework.

2019 Isabel Shaffrey, Nolan Zunk & Emma Aldrich
2018 Diala Al Shamasneh
2017 Matthew Withers
2016 Rossella Gabriele
2015  Angel Vela de la Garza Evia
2014  Eleni Timas and Madeline Zhang
2013  Man Dai
2012  Eric Schwen
2011  Vincent Kim
2010  Ali M. Hamed
2009  Virginia Lovell and Franco Moiso Marin
2008  Andrew Tessier
2007  Joseph McDonald and Aparajita Singh
2006  Shreya Durvasula
2005  Jameson P. Graber
2004  Alexander R. Miltenberger and Michael R. McErlean
2003  Adam Bennett Jarczyk and Rares Trocan
2002  Thomas Trentman
2001  Kemal Levi
2000  David Russell Hicks and Elizabeth P. Townsend
1999  Elizabeth Anne Nacozy
1998  Jennifer R. Strawbridge and Charles Tyler Green
1997  Brian Jeffrey Eutermoser, William Alexander Kanner, Ansley Carnochan Miller, and Emilie Beth Wiesner
1996  Laura Beth Goodwin and Charles Drake Leddy
1995  John Joseph Thrall
1994  Torsten Frederic Chase and Nathan Edward Hottle
1993  Graig Alan Fantuzzi and Justin Stefanon