Opportunities for Students

Student/Faculty Research

The Physics and Engineering Department has several research labs. This page lists each lab, the faculty member in charge of those labs, and a description of the research.

Intro Physics Teaching Assistant

Physics, Engineering, and Integrated Engineering majors, as well as sophomores by invitation, may apply for a position as a Department Lab Teaching Assistant. Job postings are available through Human Resources and applicants are hired by our Lab Supervisor, Professor Tom McClain.

Engineering Community Development

This mission of the Engineering Community Development Club at W&L is to combine the efforts of students of all majors and interests to enhance the living conditions of developing areas locally and worldwide.

Sigma Pi Sigma

Sigma Pi Sigma, the national Physics Honor Society, honors outstanding scholarship in physics, encourages interest in physics among students, promotes service, and provides fellowship.

W&L Rocketry Club

The W&L Rocketry Club aims to educate and engage members of the W&L community in matters of rocket-related engineering, physics, and project management.

Awards and Scholarships

Listing of scholarship opportunities as well as the Department offers several awards, scholarships, and prizes each year.