Irina Mazilu Parmly Professor of Physics, Department Head

Irina Mazilu

Howe 219
Curriculum Vitae

Irina Mazilu teaches courses in general physics, statistical physics, nuclear physics, and computational modeling of physical systems. She is interested in interdisciplinary projects that use statistical physics methods and computer simulation techniques. Current projects include nanoparticle self-assembly and applications of statistical physics to social sciences. She has a Ph.D. in Physics at Virginia Tech.



Ph.D. in Physics - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
M.S. in Physics - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.S. in Physics - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania


Non-equilibrium statistical physics using analytical methods and computer simulation techniques; interdisciplinary projects, such as the study of molecular motors, traffic jams, and nanoparticle self-assembly.


PHYS 111 - General Physics I
PHYS 112 - General Physics II
PHYS 113/114 – General Physics Laboratory I & II
PHYS/ENGN 225 - Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering
PHYS/ENGN 255 - C++ for Physics and Engineering
PHYS 315 - Nuclear Physics
PHYS 345 - Statistical Physics

Selected Publications

D. A. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, H. T. Williams, “From Complex to Simple: Interdisciplinary Stochastic Models”, IOP Science, Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2018), online ISBN 978-1-64327-120-0, print ISBN 978-1-64327-117-0

I. Mazilu, D. A. Mazilu, R. E. Melkerson*, E. Hall-Mejia*, G. J. Beck*, S. Nshimyumukiza*, C. M. da Fonseca, “Class of cooperative stochastic models: exact and approximate solutions, simulations, and experiments using ionic self-assembly of nanoparticles”, Physical Review E 93, 032803 (2016)

Carlos M. da Fonseca, Said Kouachi, Dan A. Mazilu, Irina Mazilu – A Multi-Temperature Kinetic Ising Model and the Eigenvalues of some Perturbed Jacobi Matrices, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 259, Pages 205-211, 15 May 2015.

Eric Schwen*, Irina Mazilu, Dan Mazilu – A Two-State Stochastic Model for Nanoparticle Self-Assembly: Theory, Computer Simulations and Applications, European Journal of Physics, Volume 36, Number 2, 025003, 29 December 2014.

L. Jonathan Cook, D. A. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, B. M. Simpson*, E. M. Schwen*, V. O. Kim*, and A. M. Seredinski* – Cooperative Sequential-Adsorption Model in Two Dimensions with Experimental Applications for Ionic Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles, Physical Review E 89, 062411, 30 June 2014.

C. M. da Fonseca, D. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, H.T. Williams, “The Eigenpairs of a Sylvester–Kac Type Matrix Associated with a Simple Model for One-Dimensional Deposition and Evaporation”, Applied Mathematics Letters, Volume 26, issue 12, (2013) 1206-1211.

D. A. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, A. M. Seredinski*, V. O. Kim*, B. M. Simpson*, and W. E. Banks*, "Cooperative sequential adsorption models on a Cayley tree: analytical results and applications", Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 1742-5468, P09002 (2012).

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Mazilu I. and Schmittmann B., "High Temperature Expansion for a Driven Bilayer System", Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 113 (3/4), pp. 505-525 (2003).

* denotes W&L student co-author