Son Nguyen Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Son Nguyen

Howe Hall
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Son Nguyen teaches courses in general physics and quantum mechanics. He is interested in applying effective field theories to nuclear few-body systems. His work involves the search for fundamental symmetry violations, direct detection of dark matter, and properties of cluster-structured atomic nuclei. Recently, he has been exploring new computational methods for studying few-body quantum mechanics using lattice formulations of these effective field theories.


Ph.D. in Physics - Duke University
M.A. in Physics - Duke University
B.Sc. in Physics - Nagoya University, Japan


The application of effective field theories to few-body nuclear systems; violations of fundamental symmetries; nuclear lattice simulations; the two-photon exchange calculations for electron-proton and electron-deuteron experiments.


PHYS 111 General Physics I

Selected Publications

Thomas R. Richardson, Xincheng Lin, and Son T. Nguyen, Large-Nc analysis of elastic dark matter-light nucleus scattering in pionless effective field theory. Phys. Rev. C 106, 044003 (2022)
Son T. Nguyen, Matthias R. Schindler, Roxanne P. Springer, and Jared Vanasse, Large-Nc and renormalization group constraints on parity-violating low-energy coefficients for three-derivative operators in pionless effective field theory. Phys. Rev. C 103, 054004 (2021)