Mengying Liu Assistant Professor of Engineering

Mengying Liu

Howe 220
Curriculum Vitae

Mengying Liu teaches courses in materials and mechanics. Her research background is in hydrogen embrittlement behavior of alloy 725, investigating the localized plasticity on the surface of the hydrogen embrittled materials in situ with scanning electron microscope. She also had experience in the field of localized corrosion of metals; surface deformation analysis around indents; and synthesizing polymer derived ceramics. She received her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Texas A&M University.



Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering – Texas A&M University

B.Eng. in Materials Science and Engineering – Tianjin University, China


Hydrogen embrittlement in Ni alloys, assessing materials mechanical properties via digital image correlation, scanning electron microscopy


ENGN 178 Introduction to Engineering
ENGN 203 Statics
ENGN 260 Materials Science and Engineering
ENGN 301 Solid Mechanics
ENGN 351 Solid Mechanics Lab

Selected Publications

M. Liu, I. McCue, M.J. Demkowicz, Quantifying surface deformation around small-scale indents by digital image correlation. Journal of Materials Research (2021)
M. Liu, M. Seita, M.J. Demkowicz, Preferential corrosion of coherent twin boundaries in pure nickel under cathodic charging. Physical Review Materials 3(6), 063606 (2019)
K. Lu, D. Erb, M. Liu, Thermal stability and electrical conductivity of carbon-enriched silicon oxycarbide. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4, 1829-1837 (2016).
K. Lu, D. Erb, M. Liu, Phase transformation, oxidation stability, and electrical conductivity of TiO2-polysiloxane derived ceramics. Journal of Materials Science 51, 10166-10177