Tom McClain Assistant Professor of Physics

Tom McClain

Howe Hall 207


Ph.D. in Physics - University of Texas at Austin
M.Eng. in Engineering Physics - Cornell University
B.S. in Physics - Stanford University
A.B. in History - Stanford University


Quantum theories of gravity, gravitational wave astronomy, philosophy of physics, mobile and cloud-based physics simulations for education.


PHYS 111A - General Physics I for First Years
PHYS 112 - General Physics II
PHYS 113 - General Physics I Lab
PHYS 114 - General Physics II Lab
PHYS 180 - Great Experiments in Physics
PHYS 225 - Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering
PHYS 423 - Directed Individual Research
ENGN 204 - Mechanics II: Dynamics
Electricity and Magnetism for Non-Scientists (at the University of Texas at Austin)
General Relativity (at the University of Texas at Austin)