Typical Schedule for an Engineering Major

Year Fall Winter
First Year Intro Physics I (P111A, P113)
Calculus I (M101)
Intro Physics II (P112A, P114)
Calculus II (M102)


Statics (E203)
* Circuits (E207)
Multivariable Calculus (M221)

* Dynamics (E204)
* Intro to Engineering (E178)
* Math Methods (E225)

* ENGN Lab/lecture sequence (E301 & E351 fall OR E311 & E361 winter)
Ordinary Differential Equations (M332 fall)
* Engineering Elective
Engineering Elective
Lab Science Elective
Senior Capstone Design (E378)
Engineering Elective
Capstone Design (E379)

* Must be completed prior to ENGN 378 Capstone Design.