Phi Sigma Tau International Honor Society in Philosophy

Founded at Muhlenberg College in 1930, and subsequently incorporated as a nonprofit corporation of Washington, D.C., Phi Sigma Tau is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. The Society's central purpose is to promote ties among philosophy departments in accredited institutions and students interested in philosophy. Both at the national and local levels, the organization of the Society is instrumental - a means for developing and honoring academic excellence and philosophical interest, and for popularizing philosophy among the general collegiate public.

Phi Sigma Tau establishes minimum requirements for induction. These include a student's majoring or minoring in philosophy, being in the top 35% of her university class, and having at least a 3.0 philosophy GPA. W&L has strengthened and clarified these so that the student must be a junior or senior philosophy major or minor and have at least a 3.5 philosophy and overall GPA.

On March 5, 2015, Washington and Lee University installed the Virginia-Mu chapter of Phi Sigma Tau on campus and inducted the first W&L students into the society.

Carter Hawley Chandler
Robert William Daniels
Hayley M. Huber
Nafisa R. Jeb
Maria Christina Albao Luzaran
Randolph Henderson Maxwell
Kathleen Caissa McNeill
James Holland Torbert
John Coleman Ward, Jr.
Windsor Jens Warlick
Ryan Alexander Zimmerman

Max Ryan Franklin
Maximillian James Gebauer
Brooklyne Nicole Oliveira
Camille Aillery Sears
Tiffani Linn Thomason
Abigail Janine West

Jackson Reed Cleghorn
Samantha Leigh Dutcher
Caroline Elizabeth Grace
McKenzie Lynn Koch
Varlerie Caroline Marshall
Ben Peebles
Clare Nicole Perry
Charles Gordon Thomas
Daniel Joseph Wetterhahn

Michael A. Barro, II
Hayden Wyatt Daniel
Alex L. Farley
Benjamin J. Fleenor
Henry Carr Patrick
Brittany L. Smith
Muskaan Soni

Kiera Sweeny Judge

Zoe Alexis Stein

Will Brown
Teddy Corcoran
Hayley Degnan
Stephanie Foster
Luke McCracken

Regan Fuerst
Jack Murphy
Connor Perkins
Austin Pierce
Jackie Yarbro

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