Ethics Bowl

This year, W&L took home a Runner-Up Award from the 2016 Ethics Bowl. The competition was held at Hollins University on January 31–February 1 with 15 highly qualified Virginian Colleges and Universities in attendance. The theme was "Ethics and Civic Responsibility."

This year's team was comprised of (back row, left to right): Courtney Freudenthal ’17, Austin Peterson ’16, Shaun Soman ’17, Teddy Corcoran ’16 and (front row, left): Melina Knabe ‘17. The team was coached by Professors Melina Bell and Greg Cooper.


"The Ethics Bowl program was conceptualized in 1997 by the VFIC Ethics Task Force, co-chaired by Roger Mudd, History Channel - Journalist (retired) and VFIC trustee, and Phillip Stone, President of Bridgewater College (1994-2010). The mission of the task force was to explore opportunities to involve students at the 15 VFIC colleges in the lively debate and consideration of applied ethics-real world dilemmas that affect people's lives in increasingly complex ways." (Historical Statement from VFIC Website)