Matthew Lamb (he/him) Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Matthew Lamb (he/him)

Washington Hall 320

Professor Lamb joined the philosophy department as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 2022. He has previously taught philosophy courses at Widener University, Rowan University, and Thomas Jefferson University.

Professor Lamb’s work focuses on questions in normative ethics and moral responsibility, especially those that pertain to non-ideal agents and the epistemic condition of blameworthiness (i.e., when ignorance excuses from blame).


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Rochester
M.A., Philosophy, Colorado State University
B.A., Philosophy, University of North Florida


Normative Ethics, Responsibility, and Epistemology


Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics (including medical and environmental), Philosophy of Immigration, Philosophy of Science, and Epistemology

Selected Publications

“Difficulty and the Reasonable Expectation Account of Exculpating Ignorance,” The Journal of Ethics (2023).

“Quality of Will Accounts and Non-Culpably Developed Mental Disorders,” Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 22(3), September (2022).