Li Kang Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Li Kang

Washington Hall 319
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Photo by Karl Rabe.

Li Kang joined W&L in 2019. She previously taught at Vassar College.

Prof. Kang's research centers on advancing contemporary philosophical debates by integrating views and resources from non-Western traditions such as Buddhist philosophy and Chinese philosophy.

Prof. Kang teaches a variety of courses in contemporary analytic philosophy, Buddhist philosophy, and Chinese philosophy.


  • Ph.D. Philosophy, Syracuse University
  • M.Phil. Philosophy, University of St Andrews
  • B.A. Philosophy, Wuhan University


Metaphysics, Buddhist Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy of Science


  • Introduction to Theories of Knowledge and Reality
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • Metaphysics: Existence and Reality
  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • An Investigation of Self