Erin Taylor Associate Professor of Philosophy

Erin Taylor

Washington Hall 316

Professor Taylor joined the Department of Philosophy in 2016 as an Assistant Professor. Professor Taylor has been an Assistant Professor at the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University and a Graduate Fellow at the Center for Society and Genetics, UCLA.

Professor Taylor's work is in Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Bioethics, focusing in particular on role obligations and associative duties.


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of California at Los Angeles
B.A., Philosophy, Florida International University


Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Bioethics


Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Medical Ethics, Poverty Studies.

Selected Publications

  • ‘A New Conventionalist Theory of Promising,’ Australasian Journal of Philosophy. March 2013
  • ‘Irreconcilable Differences,’ American Philosophical Quarterly. April 2013