Caving Fall and Winter Term

The caves we visit can offer us up to 1-3 miles of passageway. Some of these trips are advanced trips due to the great amount of physical exertion required. The average temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees. Warm, rugged clothing is suggested for the cool, wet conditions. Meet group members at the announced departure place ready to spend up to 5 hours underground. Clothing that is warm and that can extremely wet and or muddy. All other equipment is provide Rick Lambert of Highland Adventure will be guiding us through Crossroads Cave. Rick is currently certified in the state of VA as an EMT and has vast experience in Cave Rescue. Common minor injuries with caving include injuries from falling down and bruises from traveling through the cave. This is no guarantee that future accidents in this environment will not occur. We will be caving in Highland county were Rick is employed by the state of VA as the Assistant Coordinator of Highland County Cave Survey.

Transportation, Equipment (knee pads and gloves for all members trash bags for muddy clothes) included in the trip.

Every year the Outing Club does several caving trips to local caves like: Breathing Cave, Crossroads Cave, Marshall's and Clarke's Cave. Students who are interested in caving are encouraged to cave with our local caving surveyors and add to the some 3,800 caves already located in our area.

Caves We Visit


Beginner, moderate exertion and easy of movement in passageways. Great for someone who has never caved before.


Beginner/Intermediate, more difficult crawling, bridging and climbing. Recommended for experienced and/or adventurous first-timers.


Intermediate, very challenging route with many ups and downs, squeezes and water crossings. Not recommended for beginners.