Road Biking Five Rides in Lexington and Rockbridge County

These five rides offer a variety of terrain and scenery in Rockbridge County, ranging from flat to rolling to challenging rideable roads for all ability levels. These rides range from short excursions to longer forays into the surrounding countryside. For a longer list of rides, you can purchase the Outing Club Guidebook through the Outing Club, the University Bookstore or local booksellers and you can contact the school cycling team, Team Traveller, to schedule a ride with them.

Safety and Gear

Every sport has it's specific equipment. Cycling has many necessary and optional accessories to make your ride more enjoyable. Here is a short, but by no means comprehensive list:

  • ANSI/Snell approved helmet is an absolute necessity

  • Lightweight sunglasses, preferably with various lens choices depending on the weather

  • Cycling jersey with rear pockets for food and supplies

  • Cycling shorts with a padded seat  (or chamois)

  • Fingerless padded cycling gloves

  • Clipless pedals and cycling shoes for comfort and efficiency

  • Bottle Cage(s) to carry water bottles

  • Extra tube, tools and pump or CO2 inflator 

  • Food and water on longer rides to prevent "bonking" or "hitting the wall"

  • Cold weather gear such as arm warmers, leg warmers, hat and/or mask depending on conditions

Buena Vista to the Parkway

The ride from Buena Vista up to the Blue Ridge Parkway is challenging- and it's the gateway to some of the most beautiful. Calmest biking in the region. Somehow get yourself to Buena Vista, Gateway to the Parkway- you'll be glad you did!

Ride to the South of Lexington

This is a nice little jaunt into the countryside south of Lexington. It’s a nice rolling ride with views of farms, cows, ridges, and shady creek valleys. Traffic density is moderate but growing, and quieter in the middle of the day. Take some water and phone change... there are a few potential pit stops.

Liberty Hall Loop

This is a nice 5 and-a-half mile circuit that takes you west of Lexington and up gently into the countryside, bringing you back to campus on a scenic road. The route begins at the lower end of the W&L Warner Center, just west of the Lenfest Center Walkway.

Rambler Over Turkey Hill

This is a nice 14 mile out and back route (but with a loop in the middle) that is low on traffic and big on scenery. Shoulders are narrow, dogs will at least bark but only a few will chase. It will give you a nice taste of the countryside with mouth-watering views of both the Blue Ridge (to the east) and the Allegheny Ridges (including House and Jump Mountains) to the west.

South River Road

This is a ride to use when you want a tiny bit of climbing and descending at the beginning and end, but are really looking for lots of flat stretches and little traffic for sprinting practice or a casual stroll with great views.