North Mountain Overlook and North Mountain Trail

The North Mountain Trail heads south along the top of a cliff band, where the views continue. Eventually the trail descends down the backside of the mountain to Route 271 and the Longdale Furnace Recreation area. The parking area and the trailhead are on the left as Route 770 comes to the ridge. There are great views from the parking lot.


Take Main Street south out of Lexington to the intersection of US 11 and Route 251.  Turn right onto Route 251 toward Lake Robertson and Collierstown.  Route 251 will turn into Route 770 (Virginia Highlands Drive).  Follow Route 770 to the crest of North Mountain.

Or take I-64 West to Exit 35. Turn left onto US 60/Route 850 West until the intersection with Route 770. Turn left onto Route 770 which will climb to the ridge of North Mountain.


  • Difficulty: Leisurely

  • Drive Time: 45 minutes

  • Hike Time: N/A

  • Distance: .1 miles

  • Views: Developed

  • Elevation: 2,920'

North Mountain Trail

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Drive Time: 45 minutes

  • Hike Time: 5 hours

  • Distance: 8 miles

  • Views: Wild

  • Elevation: 3,275' to 1,300'