Goshen Pass One of Our Local Treasures

Goshen Attracts a wide variety of people, including boaters, climbers, hikers, float trippers, picnickers and fishermen. Goshen Pass has been enjoyed by generations of Washington and Lee students, faculty and staff. The Maury River, which helped carve out the pass, lies entirely in Rockbridge County, with it's headwaters in Goshen Pass and its terminus where it meets the James River in Glasgow. A note of caution: When water levels of the Maury River go up, the river can be quite dangerous (Class IV whitewater).

The next three hikes are all located in Goshen (Goshen Wildlife Management Are). There is an expansive network of trails in Goshen Pass, many of which are maintained by Camp Virginia and the Boy Scout Camp located on Lake Merriweather.


Take US 11 north out of Lexington. After driving over I-64 turn lefter onto Route 39 toward Goshen and the Virginia Horse Center (at the traffic light with the Waffle House). Drive on Route 39 for 14 miles to Goshen Pass (Castle Rock cliffs are on the opposite side of the river and visible immediately upon entering the pass to the right). The entrance to Laurel Run is just before the Goshen wayside (easily seen by the roadside shelter and dozen picnic tables) and the Maury River monument (the large anchor). After passing the wayside and Devil's Kitchen, you'll come to the end of the pass. Take the gravel road on your right just before leaving the pass, which quickly comes to the swinging footbridge over the Maury River. If you miss the turn for the gravel road and find yourself at Camp Virginia and the Boy Scout camp on Lake Merriweather, you've missed the turn off Route 39 by .1 mile.

Chambers Ridge

Cross the swinging foot bridge and then turn right. Follow the trail along side the Maury River. Try to avoid taking any of the fishing trails which will take you to the river and then come to a dead end.

Jump Mountain Loop

There are several ways to get to Jump Mountain (3,149 feet). Use the trail map to find other routes to Jump Mountain. The loop we've put together to find other routes to Jump Mountain. The loop we've put together begins at the Goshen Pass Trail.

Viewing Rock

There are several trails to Viewing Rock. Once across the swinging footbridge, turn left onto the Hunter's Trail. The trail lies in the flood plain of the Maury River and is very flat. Continue past the side trail to the left down to a small pond and the Boy Scout Camp. At the next trail junction turn right onto the Little Peak Trail.