Brushy Hill Preserve Six Miles of Old Logging Roads

Owned by the city of Lexington, the Brushy Hills Preserve is a 560 acre watershed tract. The Brushy Hills Trails are among the most accessible hiking and mountain biking trails from Lexington. The fourteen-mile trail system is composed mostly of single-track forest paths, plus a few former logging roads, offering many possible loops and out-and-back hikes in a natural woodland setting.

  • Difficulty: Leisurely

  • Drive Time: 10 minutes

  • Hike-Up: 1-4 hours

  • Distance: 6 miles

  • View: Wooded

  • Elevation: 1,353' to 1,955'


From Lexington, follow Jackson Avenue south and turn right onto Ross Road.  Take Ross Road to Union Run Road.  Make a sharp right onto Union Run, parking at the old springhouse, about 1/4 mile after Union Run Road turns to gravel.